Low Testosterone Symptoms

Low Testosterone Symptoms is my new blog all about my struggle to diagnose and treat my own low testosterone levels. I’m a male forty something who is currently getting a shot of testosterone enanthate on prescription each week. I have tried several other injectable testosterones including Sustanon, Nebido, Testosterone Cypionate and Propionate. I’m not a big fan of injections particularly those over a ml in volume so for me Sustanon and Enanthate are my two favorites and I switch between the two every few months. Not sure if it makes much of a difference health wise but it makes life a little more exciting. The dosage my HRT specialist has been kind enough to prescribe is approx double what most men get but then I’m quite a heavy guy at close to three hundred pounds and well over six foot tall. My bloodwork has been done on a regular basis and even at this dosage my blood levels don’t get that high. I also have issues with high blood pressure and I’m on a med for that too. I eat a very healthy diet with nearly all my carbs coming from oatmeal, beans and vegetables. My fat intake is primarily from coconut and olive oils and a little from red meat which I eat approx twice a week I also supplement with fish oil capsules. Protein wise I love chicken breasts and protein shakes. I’m not a big fish fan other than Salmon which is rather pricey and I hate bones which are the blight of the better value fish.

I suspected I had low testosterone throughout my twenties and thirties in fact I’m still unable to grow a full beard which is a classic sign of low test even on my current testosterone replacement therapy I suspect the androgen receptors in my skin are undeveloped due to years of low testosterone levels. I do have small amounts of back and chest hair though. and as a teenage suffered from severe facial acne ( oddly normally associated with a high testosterone level ). I’ve always been very slow to recover from weigh training my muscles will be sore for as long as a week after a decent workout even whilst following a high protein high calorie diet. The only area I’ve had no issues with has been sexual function even when my test levels were at their lowest I still managed to get strong erections and plenty of them. Although those whilst on testosterone therapy are even more frequent and considerably harder. My overall energy levels have always been on the low side I’m one of those people who can happily sleep for twelve hours everyday as long as I have a comfortable bed and an air-conditioned room. I definetley feel my brain works a lot slower than when I was a teen which I suppose is the mental fogginess often given as a symptom of low t.

Friends often ask how long after a testosterone injection can I feel any effects from it ? According to medical research the blood level from a single test shot of enathate or cypionate will peak after approx three days and then slowly decline over the next twelve or so. Users have theorized that injecting every 4 days would probably be optimal but for pharmacy testosterones sold in single use ampules such as Testoviron this is not ideal as most people would prefer to use the full cc in one hit rather than loading a second syringe with half of it and keeping it in the fridge for four days which might be long enough for bacteria to grow. The second issue with more frequent injections is the pain and scarring. Perhaps I have a sensitive buttocks but mine feel quite sore for at least 3 days following a shot so if I switched to an every four day schedule they’d be sore virtually the whole week. Sure in theory you can rotate sides but personally being right handed I find only the right buttock to be within easy reach. I’ve tried quad injections and really hated them. Shoulder / deltoid injections are another option but I found that the pain they caused wasn’t ideal for working out. I get bored easily so try to find new testosterones to try recently I was on vacation in Thailand and manged to pick up two new brands Testobolin by Alpha Pharma and Test Comp 250 by Unigen Life Sciences. Here are some pictures of them both.



Prices of these testosterones are far lower in Asia than they are back home. The cost of a months worth of male HRT in my state can be between $300 to $500 a month using injectables or testosterone gel. The equivalent monthly dosage can be bought in Thailand for just ten US dollars. Sadly bringing them back home to the States without a valid prescription is not allowed and of course with a return ticket costing around $1000 in coach class any savings you make on your actually testosterone will soon be negated even before you’ve paid for hotel rooms etc. If you live close to the Mexican border driving across once or two weeks to get your shots at Mexican clinics is another cheap way of doing things.